Where are they now?

Your personal network rediscovered

Theale Grammar School Upper 6th of 1976

Helping You

Our objective is to provide an asset where pupils and ex-pupils of UK secondary schools can provide a list of ex-school colleagues, and to enhance this data with current surnames, pictures, location and social media co-ordinates. Designed to be an adjunct to existing social media sites and email, not a replacement.

Resulting data (where allowed by each ex-pupil at their sole discretion) usable by ex-pupils and School Alumni Marketing staff to locate and engage ex-colleagues. This primarily to support personal friend re-engagements, reunion events/meetings and voluntary School Alumni programmes.

"Thank you so much for inviting me to the Reunion - it was a fantastic evening! Lovely to chat to so many ex students and occasions like that make you appreciate why you went into teaching".
Theale Grammar Reunion 2016



Only your name, nickname and surname while at school is publicly viewable. Your current surname, email address, location and social media co-ordinates are only viewable by fellow pupils who've registered, and school Alumni staff. You can make even those details available only on a per request basis if you prefer. Your privacy is key to us.



You are free to engage with fellow ex-pupils using your mutual social media choices, or email, at your option. In our experience, about 71% of our own Alumni have Facebook accounts, and 23% are on LinkedIn. We can help ensure everyone knows about upcoming events, voluntary Alumni opportunities with the School or pertinent news with a miniumum of effort.


Not for Everyone

For some, the prospect of a School Reunion, or of reliving a long ago past, fills them with dread. For others, their appetite can vary depending on all sorts of outside influences or life stages. If you wish, you can set your profile into a locked down state accordingly. Your call.

"We’re all an eclectic mix, but everyone got on well like a house on fire - even though many of us haven’t seen each other for over 40 years."
Theale Grammar Reunion 2016 Roll Call

Nearly there

We want to provide the same resources we used for our own reunion event; we found 174/184 folks in our School year from 40 years ago and had over 90 turn up on a Friday night in June 2016. This included ex-colleagues from Australia, the USA, Canada, France and even Ipswich. We'd like to encourage you to do likewise for your own School year - and to get involved with your Schools Alumni efforts if your willingness, time and location allow. If our experience is anything to go by, you'll be impressed with the quality and reach of the personal nework you have already in place.

Development work on this site is ongoing, but we're only weeks away from releasing the first version of this application. Stay tuned!